how to make kale chips


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kale chips

A gift surely from the heavens, is kale chips. As a kid I loved BBQ flavoured samboys. Or maybe the BBQ smiths chips even moreso, as a Friday afternoon treat (I was only allowed one “treat” a week, or I probably would’ve eaten more). As an adult with, if I may say, some smarts about me, I no longer buy those products. I intend to live to be old and sprightly, so to help with that aim, I only eat the truly good stuff these days. And this, my friends, is it. Our special thanks to Anita Edwards, our local raw food genius behind this recipe.


Kale Chips

One bunch kale, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup cold pressed olive oil, 1/2 cup cashew nuts, 1 heaped tsp turmeric, 1 pinch cayenne pepper, 1 tablespoon savoury nutritional yeast flakes, 1 whole bulb of garlic, and 1/2 teaspoon salt.

Wash and break up the kale into bite size pieces, removing stalks and stems (I use them later in a stir-fry). Put all ingredients except kale in a blender, blend until smooth. Add mixture and massage until kale is totally covered by sauce.

Put in a dehydrator for approximately 10 hours or until crispy and dry. Alternatively, bake in an oven on a very low heat.


My variation: I sometimes add a slosh of apple cider vinegar for additional health benefits, and general zing zang on the tastebuds. I’ve also learnt to make double batches – these don’t last long! A double batch fits easily in a 10-tray Excalibur dehydrator. Now, go forth and snack to your heart’s content!


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